Communicating in a Long Distance Relationship

This is not a post about the pros and cons of a long distance relationship.  Nor is this about the chances of you making it through the finish line.  This … Continue Reading →


Things that make chores easy to share and remember

Way back in the Pen Age, we use a pen and paper to write notes to remind each other to take out the trash, bring packages to the post office, … Continue Reading →


The complications of a previous marriage

Child custody. Spousal payments or alimony.  Those are BIG reasons why most divorced people don’t want to get married again.  As they say, you can get married once but divorced … Continue Reading →

Can PMS ruin a relationship?

Can PMS ruin a relationship?

At certain times of the month, it get challenging to control your emotions. You “feel” more – anger, sadness, nostalgia.  You just “feel” more. Strides have been made in many … Continue Reading →

Broken Engagement

Broken Engagement: The Next Practical Steps

Better a broken engagement today than a broken home tomorrow. You know it’s true.  But somehow when you are in the middle of all that drama, those words do little … Continue Reading →


On dating single mothers — from the movie Jerry Mcguire

Rod: First of all single mothers don’t date.  They’ve been to the circus…..  Do you love her? Jerry: How do I know? Rod: You know when you know. Jerry: (obviously … Continue Reading →


I’m dating a recently divorced man

Let me be blunt. What do you want from him and from the relationship?  Divorced men (and women) are vulnerable. They have just been in a  fight with their once … Continue Reading →

tina turner

“What’s Love Got To Do With It” — Tina Turner

You must understand That the touch of your hand Makes my pulse react That it’s only the thrill Of boy meeting girl Opposites attract It’s physical Only logical You must … Continue Reading →

Rent an Apartment with my boyfriend

Planning to rent an apartment with my partner

The dinner dates and overnights in each other’s place won’t do anymore and you have decided to take the plunge. Congratulations! This is a huge step forward in your relationships.  You … Continue Reading →